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  • 6010 Fan 12v 24v 60mm X 60mm X 10mm Fan
  • 6010 Fan 12v 24v 60mm X 60mm X 10mm Fan
  • 6010 Fan 12v 24v 60mm X 60mm X 10mm Fan
6010 Fan 12v 24v 60mm X 60mm X 10mm Fan6010 Fan 12v 24v 60mm X 60mm X 10mm Fan6010 Fan 12v 24v 60mm X 60mm X 10mm Fan

6010 Fan 12v 24v 60mm X 60mm X 10mm Fan

  • Size: 60x60x10mm
  • Voltage Range: 12v 24v
  • Bearing Type: Sleeve/Hydraulic/Dual Ball Bearing
  • Type: DC Axial Fan
  • Product description: 6010 Fan 12v 24V,cooling fan facotry quiet cooling fan solutions

6010 Fan 12v 24v 60mm X 60mm X 10mm Fan




Model Voltage Current Power Speed Air Flow Air Pressure Noise
Part No. VDC Amp Watt RPM CFM mmH2O dB-A
CLD6010L05 5V 0.072 0.36 3000 11.4 1.3 25.3
CLD6010M05 5V 0.096 0.48 3500 13.4 1.67 29.3
CLD6010H05 5V 0.12 0.60 4000 16.2 2.29 32.8
CLD6010HH05 5V 0.144 0.72 4500 17.7 2.72 35.9
CLD6010VH05 5V 0.168 0.84 5000 19.4 3.34 39.0
CLD6010L12 12V 0.03 0.36 3000 11.4 1.3 25.3
CLD6010M12 12V 0.04 0.48 3500 13.4 1.67 29.3
CLD6010H12 12V 0.05 0.6 4000 16.2 2.29 32.8
CLD6010HH12 12V 0.06 0.72 4500 17.7 2.72 35.9
CLD6010VH12 12V 0.07 0.84 5000 19.4 3.34 39



6010 fan is a reliable cooling solution commonly used in a range of applications. With its compact size and efficient performance, it has become a popular choice for cooling needs in various industries.

The 60mm 12V fan is specifically designed to provide effective cooling for electronic components, such as computer processors, graphics cards, and power supplies. Its compact dimensions of 60mm x 60mm x 10mm make it easy to fit into tight spaces, while its 12V power requirement ensures compatibility with standard computer systems and electronics.

For CPU cooling applications, the 60mm CPU cooler is an excellent choice. With its optimized design and powerful airflow, it efficiently dissipates heat generated by the CPU, ensuring stable and reliable performance.

The 60mm 24V fan variant is suitable for applications that require a higher voltage power supply. It is commonly used in industrial equipment, telecommunications devices, and other systems that demand increased cooling power. The 24V power requirement allows for efficient cooling even in demanding environments.

The 60mm cooling fan is a versatile option that finds applications in various electronic devices, including power supplies, amplifiers, routers, and modems. Its compact size and efficient cooling capabilities make it an ideal choice for maintaining optimal operating temperatures and preventing overheating.

With dimensions of 60mm x 60mm x 10mm, the 6010 fan offers a compact cooling solution that can fit into tight spaces. Its high-quality construction ensures durability and long-lasting performance, making it a reliable choice for various applications.

Overall, the 6010 fan series provides a range of cooling options suitable for different needs. Whether you require a 60mm 12V fan, a CPU cooler, a 60mm 24V fan, or a compact cooling fan with specific dimensions, the 6010 fan series offers reliable and efficient cooling solutions for a variety of industries and applications.




Computers and Servers: The 6010 fan is commonly used in computer systems and servers to provide efficient cooling for the CPU, graphics card, and other components. It helps to maintain optimal operating temperatures and prevent overheating.

Electronics Cooling: The compact size and effective cooling performance of the 6010 fan make it suitable for cooling various electronic devices, such as power supplies, amplifiers, routers, modems, and small form factor devices.

3D Printers: The 6010 fan is often incorporated into 3D printers to cool down the printed filament and prevent warping or deformations. It helps to improve the print quality and ensure accurate results.

Audio and Video Equipment: The 6010 fan is used in audio and video equipment, such as amplifiers, receivers, and home theater systems, to dissipate heat generated by the components. It ensures optimal performance and prevents overheating.

Industrial Machinery: The 6010 fan finds applications in various industrial machinery, including CNC machines, laser cutters, and robotic systems. It helps to dissipate heat and maintain stable operation in demanding industrial environments.

Automotive Cooling: In automotive applications, the 6010 fan can be found in cooling systems for radiators, intercoolers, and engine compartments. It assists in maintaining proper engine temperature and preventing overheating.

Telecommunications: The 6010 fan is used in telecommunications equipment, such as servers, switches, and routers, to ensure efficient cooling and prevent heat-related issues.

Medical Devices: Due to its compact size and reliable cooling performance, the 6010 fan is utilized in various medical devices, including diagnostic equipment, laboratory instruments, and patient monitoring systems.

DIY Projects: The 6010 fan is a popular choice for enthusiasts and DIY projects, such as custom cooling solutions, small-scale ventilation systems, and personal electronics.


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